A downloadable tool

Trouble making a Splatoon Game in Gamemaker? Solved!! Simply extract this project and remix - add your own sprites, AI and more!! Easy to build stages and simple(ish) code to read!

Also attached is the installer for the game if you just want to play - but this is not a game but more a way for you to make your own!!

Controls -

WAD to move

S to squid (reload)

W to squid up inked wall

Space to shoot ink - watch your ink!

Enjoy messing around with the code!!

Install instructions

If you have downloaded the code just extract and open it in GameMaker - I recomend using WinRa to extract

If you have downloaded the game just follow the installer intructions!


SplatoonMechanicsCODE 1 MB
SplatoonMechanicsGAME.exe 14 MB